We are Zero8

Anton Alexis-Hallgren, Johan Alvfors, Samuel Andrén, Magnus Beckman, Robban Bergh, Lukas Berglin, Gabriel Berglund, Petter Björkman, Gunnar Bollmark, David Cronholm, Erik Dahl, Erik Dahlman, Carl-Johan Dahlman, Jonathan von Döbeln, Theodor Guilletmot, Markus Gustafsson, Jonas Haaland Pers, Gustaf Hilding, Christian Holst, Daniel Häll, Martin Jangö, Hritul Karim, Rasmus Krigström, Love Lindberg, Fred Lindberg, Didier Linder, Pontus Ljung, Mathias Lundin, Alexander Mattsson, Sam Molavi, Victor Nilsson, Erik Nordmark, Björn Olsberg, Emanuel Roll, Simon Rylander, Jonas Sjöberg, Gustav Tillman, Jonas Törnqvist, Per Wedby and Mikael Wikström.


All we want to do is

Sing our hearts out

Ever since Zero8 was founded in 2007, we have always had a love for singing barbershop – mostly thanks to our founder and life long friend, Doug Harrington who arguably is the single most responsible person to expose Swedish youth to this amazing artform. But barbershop is only one colour in the always growing palette of genres we want to sing, through the years we've sung everything from barbershop, rock, pop, classic Swedish men's (and women's) choir, renaissance to Bach. We have simply decided that there is no genre we won't do! 

But if there is one thing we cherish more than everything it's the laughters and the joy of singing we get to share together, whether it's on a regular Thursday rehearsal, on the stage on the Internationals in Las Vegas in front of thousands of screaming barbershoppers or in a 500 year old church in Moscow that clearly was not made to fit 250 people. It's about moving people through music.


Come on by and

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All our rehearsals are always open for anyone who'd like to see and hear what we do. We'll also never ever stop looking for new singers! So come visit us in Råsunda Kyrka on Thursdays at 19:00!


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In My Life

In My Life is Zero8's fourth studio album project and could be our most diverse collection of styles so far. Various sound pictures were created in the studio by changing our positioning and the mic set up in an effort to support the contrasting genres. Songs from the Beatles, the Eagles and Stevie Wonder are included as well as a traditional Swedish folk song about dancing with the devil and one of the greatest religious songs known to mankind. Of course we have also recorderd a few Barbershop tunes, as well as featuring an outstanding guest artist (starting to become a tradition on our albums). Hope you have fun listening!


rehearsals are on thursdays at 19:00

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