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Press text:

Zero8 - A choir formed in 2007, directed by Rasmus Krigström, the Lead singer of Ringmasters, the 2012 World Champion Barbershop quartet, has since then consisted of 20-50 of Stockholm's best choir singers and shaped world-class Barbershoppers in double digits. Having merits such as placing Top 5 in the International Barbershop Chorus Competition, winning the Rimini International Choral Competition, having produced several full-length A Capella CD's and being on Swedish National Television multiple times, Zero8 proudly stands out as one of Sweden's best and most versatile male Choir. Concerts are hosted at least twice every year, and gigs are accepted on demand. Zero8 can, upon request, deliver world class quartet performances as well as the full experience of the whole powerful choir.

Zero8 is a choir for men who constantly thrive in development, both personally and as a group. We always strive to provide world class singing and an engaging showmanship to all our performances. Our goals include not only providing the best performances and entertainment, but also competing in various singing competitions and becoming the best at what we do. We look forward to inviting you to our concerts and accepting any invitations you may have for us to sing at your venues!



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