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2019 International Barbershop Bronze Medalists.


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A quick introduction

Ever since Zero8 was founded in 2007, we have always had a love for singing barbershop—mostly thanks to our founder and life long friend, Doug Harrington who arguably is the single most responsible person to expose Swedish youth to this amazing artform. But barbershop is only one colour in the always growing palette of genres we want to sing, through the years we've sung everything from barbershop, rock, pop, classic Swedish men's (and women's) choir, renaissance to Bach. We have simply decided that there is no genre we won't do! 

But if there is one thing we cherish more than everything it's the laughters and the joy of singing we get to share together, whether it's on a regular Thursday rehearsal, on the stage on the Internationals in Las Vegas in front of thousands of screaming barbershoppers or in a 500 year old church in Moscow made to fit 100 people. All it’s about is moving people through music.

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Mes Très Chers Frères

Mes Très Chers Frères is our first completely classical album and was appointed the 2018 winner of the Contemporary A Cappella Award (CARA) for best classical/traditional album. In short, the CARAs can be described as the a cappella equivalent of the Grammy. This has reinforced our belief that we are moving in a good direction and we are very happy and grateful for this award. A huge honor indeed!

This album marks the 10th anniversary of Zero8, a journey that has brought us to so many places, musically and geographically. Competing and doing shows in the world of barbershop has taken us to the USA, the Netherlands, Germany, Spain and across Sweden. It has been a great time and barbershop will always be a big part of what we do, but we found ourselves wanting to explore further.

Many of our members have a background mostly in classical music from school, so this seemed like a natural direction to go in. It started with our participation in the Moscow Easter Festival in 2015 and has since brought us to places like Italy, Switzerland and Georgia, and future adventures awaits. What we set out to do was to reinvigorate classical music by bringing just enough of the crispy and well-blended perfection found in barbershop, while at the same time being true to the original work. This album is a product of that ambition.

That's the musical part of it. All these experiences have also made us grow together as people and we've come to view ourselves as a brotherhood. Mes Très Chers Frères fittingly means “my dearest brothers” and signifies what kind of chorus that Zero8 has become during all these years.

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All our rehearsals are open and take place in Råsunda Kyrka on Thursdays at 18:30!